Foreign Trade and Logistics

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Foreign Trade and Logistics

Bringing the World to your Business



We provide advisory to help you with the operations that your business need to accomplish your objectives.     

We guide you in the procurement or export process.

Forget about complicated paperwork, We help you with your DDP imports to and from Mexico.
We are able to Import and Export:

•Textiles  •Footwear• Steel •Steel products •Beer  •Tequila  •Wine and Spirits

We help you with the import and export formalities and procedures at the main entry points.

We advise you in each step of the customs process.

We plan and coordinate the national or international transport of your goods door to door.

We insure your goods to protect them during the transport process.

We help you with the clearance of goods send via parcel companies that were stopped at the entry port by customs agents.

Making sure that your shipment arrives to its destination

We advise you and apply for the different foreign trade permits and formalities required by your goods from different governmental agencies.

We provide advice and consulting on Foreign Trade.

We could become your Logistics and Foreign Trade Department

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